Are we a state school?

Yes, the service is free to all eligible students.

Does the Health School become my child's only school?

No, your child will stay enrolled at their regular school and transition back as soon as possible.

What if my child does not have a school?

The Ministry of Education will consider whether to approve a Section 9 Agreement with you for special education.

Will my child gain qualifications?

Yes, all our students have access to NCEA qualifications.

What is an ILP?

An ILP is an Individual Learning Plan. It is designed for each student and our teachers to support the students learning while they are unable to go to school. The ILP is shared with the student's school, parents and medical team.

How long can I stay on the Health School Roll?

Until you are well enough to return to school. This will be determined by your medical specialist. All students require a medical certificate from a Medical Practitioner (GP) or Specialist in order to be eligible for our school. Every 15 weeks we require a new medical to verify your condition.

Why does a specialist have to sign my Medical Certificate?

If you are unwell for a long time, we need to be sure that you are getting all the medical help you can, so that when you are well you can return to regular school. A specialist medical certificate will outline when you will be well enough to go back to school.

How many times a week, will my child be taught?

This depends on where your child is living and their medical condition. We do not offer regular hours like other schools. Times and days will be discussed with you and your child at our initial meeting.

Where will my child be taught?

Health School Teachers teach in a variety of places. This could include a hospital setting, community classroom, in the child's home or at the regular school. You and your child will be informed where the teaching will occur.

We have classrooms in Canterbury, Blenheim, Nelson, South Canterbury, Otago, Southland and West Coast. We work hard to ensure all students receive an equitable service regardless of their geographical location or medical condition.

For Schools:

Will our school lose funding if a student is taught by a Health School?

No. The student will remain on their regular school's roll and the funding will stay with the school. The Health School will be in regular contact with the school regarding the student's learning and a hand over meeting will take place if possible.