The Board of Trustees of the Southern Health School, by nature of the school's constantly changing community of students and parents, is somewhat different in composition. Members of our Board [with the exception of the Staff Trustee] are appointed, at triennial School Board election time, by the Minister of Education.

Board Members

  • Craig Scott – Chair
  • Eddie Norgate
  • David Ivory
  • Ben Nettleton
  • Laura McGrath
  • Sam Small

These  community representatives are joined by:

  • Jo Kennard – Staff Trustee, and
  • Helen Mantell – Principal. 

Board Meetings 2020

The Board meets monthly. These are public meetings the dates of which will be published in advance here. Unless otherwise stated meetings are at 5.00 pm.

Next Meeting:

February - 13th (Christchurch Campus, 2 Halswell Road)
March - 22nd (Auckland - venue to be confirmed)
April - 7th  Audit and Risk (Christchurch Campus, 2 Halswell Road)
May - 14th (Christchurch Campus, 2 Halswell Road)
June - 11th Audit and Risk (Christchurch Campus, 2 Halswell Road)
July - 2nd (Christchurch Campus, 2 Halswell Road)
August - 13th (Dunedin - venue to be confirmed)
September - 10th (Odyssey House - 98 Greers Road)
October - 15th  Audit and Risk (Christchurch Campus, 2 Halswell Road)
November - 6,7th (Christchurch Campus, 2 Halswell Road)
December - 10th (Christchurch Campus, 2 Halswell Road)


Policies for Community Consultation

Please email: if you have any comments.



Charter 2019

Annual Report 2018  Analysis of Variance 2018


ERO Report

You can read our 2016 ERO Report here.